The Sneak a Toke

A bestseller, the S.A.T. tears apart small waves, turning mushy days into high performance sessions.

Although at first glance, the S.A.T. may look like a mini simmons, upon closer shredding, you find that this board is in fact not a groveler but a compact performance shred stick. Unlike traiditional simmons style boards, the Sneak A Toke is able to be surfed vertically and in the pocket. The quad set up, combined with some deep concaves to agressive V, allow the board to go extremely fast while still turning on a dime. Works from 2 - 8 ft in all conditions, but due to its speed and planing ability, can turn a poor to fair day into an epic session. Available with a rounded daimond tail or with a split tail.

5'0" - 5'8"

Hi Sam! Just wanted to give you an update on the cat board – I love it!! It’s floaty and fast and I’ve been having a blast on it 😺 Thanks a million!
— Pressed & Dressed